Friday, August 28, 2015

Missing Van Gogh

As a birthday present for a dear friend, four of us took a couple of painting classes together.  We were supposed to find a Van Gogh piece to capture.  The piece I chose was Peasant Woman. March 1885.  I "missed" the mark, but found that I really like her anyway.  Because I like her so much, I would only sell her for an amount that no one would want to pay (and would, of course, donate the money to SEVA).  I figure that I'd have to let her go if it meant restoring eyesight to 25 people...  Besides, Halloween is an everyday celebration in my home, so she fits right in  :)

I was actually inadvertently nudged into doing some blog posts by a very talented musician by the name of CALUM GRAHAM.  If you haven't heard his playing, you owe it to yourself to check out his videos on his website  

Thank you for your interest!  Hope you end up loving something you "missed".

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