Monday, March 28, 2016

Winging It-- Watching, Guiding, Seeking

These are acrylic paintings done with string on board which has been plastered to give it some great texture.  Painting with string keeps the figures very gestural.  They were commissioned by a friend to symbolize her 3 wonderful grandchildren.  They will restore the eyesight of 2 girls/women through SEVA.  Always happy to have you taking a look-- thanks  :)

It's a Spring Thing

I have been having a lot of fun painting faces on these collaged wooden hearts made by Lisa Scherer.  I am pleased with how this has turned out.  I have added a copper hanging wire and brass embellishments to finish it off.  She has already been sold in support of SEVA  :)  Thanks for taking a peek!

Angel Hug

This little angel drawing was inspired by the Face Project of Lindy Macefield.  It was done while listening (on repeat) to Calum Graham's "Farewell".  I often write haiku poems to go with drawings to capture where my world is at--

Some days you never
know what will slip out among
gently falling tears...

She has already found a new home in support of SEVA, but a digital download of her is available in my etsy shop.  Thanks  :)